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About Us

Jepara is my hometown where I was born, and Indonesian furniture in this city known around the world
Twelve years is not a short time to get to know process furniture production.

We have a motto of "Good quality Product, which will make this company so Great"

From the motto is we are determined to provide the best product, because we believe that quality product is a free media campaign that will spread from mouth to mouth. That foundation in building this company

To know much about the quality of furniture we will explain to the buyer is not wrong in making decisions.:

1. Raw Materials
Quality furniture starts from selection of raw materials are wood. Wood had different levels of quality, particularly areas of origin where the soil structure will affect the wood. Our factory uses perhutani standard timber that has a solid wood structure and resistant to pests.

2. Wood Processing
To produce a quality product, sawn wood done after sorting with the level of uniformity by classifying according to grade and the products we make. After we further grouped the oven for after finished product will not change or corrugated goods, cracks in the connection, and other damage caused by wood in a wet state.

3. Construction
Construction is very important because it concerns the power of the furniture itself, eg chair damaged by improper construction, or a broken chair leg because veins cut wood is certainly very detrimental to the buyer. Because buying furniture we certainly want to stay up to tens of years.

4. Finishing
As well as any product that is not supported with good finishing, the product itself will plasticity ugly. Medium finishing material itself many variants with levels varying quality. While from the sprayer or power sepray also affect the results of the product itself.

5. Packing
Packing is a guarantee of consumer goods are believers welcomed in good condition, so good packing should be able to protect the total of goods in it. Goods can be the same but for the quality we believe is the best.





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